BMAT Crash Course

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“Our goal is to re-invest in the society that has educated us and to have fun whilst providing world-class education engineered for life! Remember you have got one shot at life, prepare today for a bright future!”
The BMAT, yes we know! It’s in English and secondly, it’s a race against time. How do you read, understand and answer high-calibre questions in the time that you have got? Listen up!

We provide highly-reputable BMAT Courses in The Netherlands and The UK. It’s an intensive 8-hour BMAT preparation course run by Oxford, Cambridge, Leiden and Plovdiv University medical students and doctors. We’ve recently been through the system and will teach you everything you need to know (and more) to maximise your score in this critical exam. And if you need support beyond the BMAT i.e. with interviews/personal statement, just send us an email and we will try to help in any way possible e.g. arrange for mock interview sessions.

During the course, we will work through the theory and questions of our 300-page Course Book, worth £50 (if purchased separately). In other words, you will be spending roughly £9/hour to learn essential techniques to get you through the exam quickly with the greatest score. Today, we are the most effective course providers in The Netherlands and the UK. We spend hours working on the course book, checking out venues, interviewing the best tutors, answering questions, improving our course content. The course fees reflect these costs. We strongly believe that money should not be a barrier in preventing you from applying to our courses. So if you can’t afford our fees, send us a quick email explaining your circumstance, we give up to 50% scholarships.

The BMAT is taking place in The Netherlands again in Feb 2018. Enrol now to maximise your score in this critical exam.

BMAT has to be taken for the following subjects at the following Dutch universities:
Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC)
Medicine (Geneeskunde), Biomedical Sciences (Biomedische Wetenschappen)

TU Delft/LUMC/Erasmus MC
Clinical Technology (Klinische Technologie)

TU Delft
Nanobiology (Nanobiologie)

University of Twente
Technical Medicine (Technische Geneeskunde)

Wageningen University
Nutrition and Health (Voeding en Gezondheid)

To see for which UK universities you have to take the BMAT exam, please visit:

Thank you
– Shaaji Kan, Kan Do Med, Lead BMAT Course Organiser of The Netherlands & UK

Basic Life Suport Course (BLS)

Pre Hospital Basic Life Support (BLS) for lay-rescuers and healthcare providers in Sri Lanka. This course describes the basic principle of survival chain, CPR, Use of Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and Basic airway techniques.

This Course is designed to facilitate the courses provided for general public, para medical personal and health care providers at Institute of Family Medicine (IOFM) Jaffna centre.

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