Summary of the Event Health Care Symposium 2016

We proud to inform that the event Health Care Symposium happened at Nakshatra Hall, Snakey Lane, Feltham, Middlesex,TW13 7NA
Sunday, 31 January 2016.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Provide high quality Primary Health Care with easy local access
  2. Investment in PHC Centres in peripheral areas
  3. Setting up of academic Primary Care Centres in Sri Lanka
    linking with the local medical school department of Family &
    Community Medicine for teaching and training purposes.
  4. Recruiting Post-graduate doctors training for MD [Family medicine] to work in
    these PCCs.
  5. Medical Students to do clinical attachments
  6. Teaching, Training and Recruitment of Nurses and HCAs to provide good quality
  7. Student Exchange programmes
  8. Linking Family & Community Medicine Educational institutions in the UK
    with those of Sri Lanka’s medical faculties.
  9. Exchange of skills, expertise, and technology from both countries.
  10. Facilitate research and innovation in primary care.

Video Album

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